Rainbows 2014

PhillipsFarmRainbowSM For an optimist, the end of every daytime storm brings a chance to glimpse a rainbow. Whenever I see one, I feel a renewed sense of peace and strength, and a confidence that things will get better. Even pictures of rainbows can help to brighten a gloomy day or lift sunken spirits, which makes it even more fun to share those pictures–and this poem–with all of you:


The light leads you to it, as the rain turns to spray,

And it’s always a surprise when you catch it at play.

Each color a crystal cord in an uplifting song,

Rhyming words that we all have known all along.

We remember its vibrato and how harmonies flow,

Add our smiles and hopes to the tune of the rainbow.

At each end of this light trail, some seek pots of gold,

But its true merit, given freely, can’t ever be sold.

As a beacon radiating through dark storms and strife,

Bringing calm, kind presence, and hope back to life.

Thus a gift of infinite value, beyond price or toll,

Not gold at rainbow’s end, I pray, but a kindred soul.

Michael J. McNamara June 23, 2014